Survey: Perak and Selangor assemblymen slow to respond

- Free Malaysia Today

 | May 10, 2016

KUALA LUMPUR: A survey conducted by an NGO shows that assemblymen in Selangor and Perak are somewhat slow in their response to queries from members of the public.

There was an obvious decrease in the quality of communication and response time this year, compared with last year, Kuasa Chief Executive Praba Ganesan told a press conference.

Ganesan said this could be because many of the assemblymen were simply too busy.

“For 10 days, Kuasa sent out emails, Facebook messages and tweets as random members of the public to 115 assemblymen in Perak and Selangor after which they were given three working days to respond, before we sent them a first reminder,” he said.

“We found that there was an obvious decrease in response performance this year compared with last year.”

This was the fourth survey by Kuasa since April 2014.

The DAP assemblymen scored the highest in terms of “immediate response” and formed the lowest number of assemblymen who did not respond at all.Ganesan said of the political parties studied, including PAS, Amanah, DAP, PKR and Umno the DAP assemblymen continued to outperform assemblymen from other parties in terms of response in many aspects.

In Selangor the two assemblymen who did not respond at all were Sungai Burong Assemblyman (Umno) Mohd Shamsudin Lias; and Permatang Assemblyman (Umno) Sulaiman Abdul Razak; while in Perak the four assemblymen who did not respond were Selama Assemblyman (Umno) Mohamad Daud Mohd Yusoff; Kubu Gajah Assemblyman (Umno) Ahmad Hasbullah Alias; Kuala Kurau Assemblyman (PKR) Abdul Yunus Jamahri; and Hutan Melintang assemblyman (PKR) Kesavan Subramaniam.

Ganesan said only Perak and Selangor were studied because political parties always won in the two states with slight majorities.

He said there could be many reasons for the assemblymen failing to respond, including “being too busy.”

“We can’t blame them. Sometimes, some of them get 500 emails a day.”

Kuasa is an NGO which focuses on the organisational development for politicians, activists and their groups through engagement processes utilising social media and strategic messaging.

Release Date: 
Khamis, Jun 16, 2016