Performance of S'gor and Perak assemblymen drops

- Berita Daily

Ikhwan Zulkaflee 10/05/2016 12:06 PM


KUALA LUMPUR: The performance of assemblyman from both sides of the divide, in terms of their responsiveness to the people, had dropped significantly since last year, according to MyKuasa. 

The political watchdog NGO's chief executive Praba Ganesan said that political fatigue may be the reason behind the decline. 

Praba said this in revealing MyKuasa's fourth Assemblyman Electronic Responsiveness Test that was carried out first in April 2014. 

MyKuasa finding in this year's study that was conducted between April 1 and April 30 showed that Selangor assemblymens' performance dropped from 76% in April 2015 to 63% this year. 

"This means only 35 assemblymen out of the total 56 had succeeded in responding immediately in three (working) days. 

"However, 84% or 47 assemblymen manage to reply in 10 days after being reminded (once) or repeatedly," Praba told journalists here today. 

He added that nine out 10 Selangor assemblymen are reliable to reply to their constituents electronically. 

Meanwhile,  the performance Perak assemblymen dropped from 56% last year to 47% this time around. 

"Six out of 10 Perak assemblymen responded to their constituents who contacted them," said Praba. 

All assemblymen were given three-working days to respond to a 'mystery-guest' through their social media channels and e-mails. 

If a rep manage to reply in three working days, the rep will be given a green light mark, while the one who replied after being reminded twice will be given an orange light mark. Those who failed to reply after being reminded thrice will be given a red light mark. 

The finding also showed that DAP's assemblymen fared better than other party reps in both state. 

According to Praba, the study result was meant for both the reps' constituents and their respective parties. 

He added that MyKuasa is not expecting a rep to reply personally to their constituents but any queries should be answered by the rep's office. 

Release Date: 
Khamis, Jun 16, 2016