Quick facts about the pledge monitoring project

  • First report card out on May 7, 2014. For now Perak and Selangor, looking to increase the states later.
  • Declarations of findings dated as of March 31, 2014, as requested to all groups.
  • The report card consists of three sections: state government, state opposition and stakeholders for each individual pledge. The first two will be self-declarations, while stakeholders’ opinions will be solicited. [They can score from 0 (poor) to 10 (excellent)]

Overall score will be the aggregation of the various pledges, which are also clumped in sections for easier reading. Below is the Perak sample;

  • The published report card is open to scrutiny from the public, whose feedback will be available for public viewing.
  • The website is www.mykuasa.org, and reports will be in both English and Malay. All supporting documents will be loaded at the site. Third-parties can reproduce the report and specific data or share the information via Facebook, Twitter, website and other social media avenues as they like as long as data is not manipulated and KUASA is credited.
  • Anyone can volunteer to help KUASA promote, discuss, engage communities and improve comprehension in the community. Please email team@mykuasa.org