Political Pledges - Perak : Facilities
[Data Collected 2015]

Average Category Completeness Scores
Political Pledges Pledges Completeness

Town councils and district councils

Increase the efficiency of town councils and district councils in regards to: • waste management, drain cleaning, grass-cutting and road resurfacing • streetlights maintenance

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Holding International Sporting Events

Holding International these Sporting Events: • Pangkor International Jet Race Championships • Ipoh International Run • Perak Amanjaya Muay Thai International Challenge • Pangkor Poetry and Folk Song Festival • Royal Belum Drum Festival • World Congress of Poets

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Organising International Conventions

Organising the International Conventions: • World Conference on Islamic Thoughts & Civilization (WCIT) • Pangkor International Development Dialogue

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Amanjaya Senior Citizens Care-centres

Setting up integrated Amanjaya Senior Citizens Care-centres, with religious development for Muslims and general care for non-Muslims.

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Child care centres

Creating PERMATA style child-care centres in every government department and agency

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Bas rakyat in each district

Upgrade Bas Rakyat services in each district

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