Political Pledges - Selangor : Facilities
[Data Collected 2014]

Average Category Completeness Scores
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Construction of Pusat Kebudayaan

Construction of cultural centre's on the banks of the Klang River for Malay, Indian and Chinese communities in Klang with state and private funding.

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Free public transport

Providing free and user-friendly public transport, including buses, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Klang and Kajang.

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Nursery and kindergarten facilities in government buildings

Ensure that all government buildings have nursery and kindergarten facilities within 5 years

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Provision of land for places of worship

Land provision for all places of worship (mosques, temples, churches), burial and cremation home.

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Facilities for people with disabilities

To ensure that all public facilities and places of worship are user-friendly for people with disabilities.

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Provision of cycle paths

Cycling lanes for new housing development in selected locations.

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