Political Pledges - Perak : Economy
[Data Collected 2014]

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Pangkor duty free zone

To create the Pangkor duty free zone

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Provincial Town Development

Rebuilding small towns as centers of local economy.

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Special Economic Zones

Special Economic Zone covering Kamunting, Kampar, Pantai Remis, Teluk Intan-Bagan Datok, Lekir-Pasir Panjang

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High-tech industrial business hub

Developing the hubs of high-tech industry business in the triangular growth area in the middle of Perak between the North-South-West Coast Highway Ipoh-Lumut Highway.

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inward investment

Increasing efforts to attract foreign and local investment into new industries in the state.

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Small Medium Enteprises - SME industry

Developing SMEs in downstream and upstream industries in association with high value investments in the state under the concept of Corporate SME Development (CSMED).

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