Tanjung Malim Automotive city

Pledge Completeness Score: 45 %
Pledge Category: Agriculture & Industry
Full Pledge: Automotive City to spur the automotive industry in Tanjung Malim
EXCO: YB. Dr. Muhammad Amin bin Zakaria
Education, Science, Environment and Green Technology Committee Chairman
State Government Self Evaluation:
State government have yet to respond to requests for evaluation for this pledge
State Opposition Evaluation:
12 %
3 / 10 contributed to 40 % of total scores

PAS : (5/10) As usual, no changes. ( Seperti biasa, tiada perubahan )


PKR : (1/10) No effort (tiada usaha) 


DAP : (2/10) The city has not become the actually automotive city. ( Bandar itu belum menjadi bandar otomotif yang sebenar )


Kesatuan Pekerja-Pekerja Proton Tanjung Malim:
6 / 10 contributed to 30 % of total scores

1. PROTON has been in operation since 2004. (PROTON telah beroperasi sejak tahun 2004)

2. Vendors have also been in operation since 2004. (Vendor(pembekal) juga telah beroperasi sejak 2004).

3. Housing development (Proton City) have been initiated since 2002. However, if the development is a little slow refers to the "City Auto Industry".There are no Bank, Petrol Station, Police Station, Hyper mark (Mydin, Tesco, Giant) yet.   [Pembangunan kawasan perumahan(Proton City) telah dimulakan sejak 2002. Walaubagaimana pun pembangunan tersebut sedikit perlahan sekiranya merujuk kepada ”Bandar Industri Otomotif”. Masih belum terdapat lagi Bank, Stesyen Minyak , Balai Polis, Hyper market(Mydin, Tesco, Giant) ]. 


Malaysia Automotive Institute:
5 / 10 contributed to 30 % of total scores

The rationale being apart from the existing proton city centre, other project plans are on the way to be implemented to also include a recycling an re manufacturing centres.

Stakeholders - Responded but not required for score: N/A
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