Reviving the mining industry

Pledge Completeness Score: 34 %
Pledge Category: Agriculture & Industry
Full Pledge: The return of the integrated and systematic golden age of mining in Perak
EXCO: YB. Dato’ Saarani bin Mohamad
Rural Development, Plantation, Agriculture, Housing and Local Government
Committee Chairman
State Government Self Evaluation:
State government have yet to respond to requests for evaluation for this pledge
State Opposition Evaluation:
4 %
1 / 10 contributed to 40 % of total scores

PKR :  (1/10)  no affort. (Tiada Usaha)

DAP : (3/10) There are many minerals in Perak but there is no government's efforts to bring its glorious. (Ada banyak mineral di Perak tetapi tidak ada apa- apa usaha kerajaan untuk membawa kegemilangan.)

Malaysian Chamber of Mine:
7 / 10 contributed to 30 % of total scores

The effort is there.

Wisma Ho Wah Genting :
3 / 10 contributed to 30 % of total scores
Stakeholders - Responded but not required for score: N/A
KUASA comments: N/A