inward investment

Pledge Completeness Score: 32 %
Pledge Category: Economy
Full Pledge: Increasing efforts to attract foreign and local investment into new industries in the state.
EXCO: YB. Dato’ Mohamad Zahir bin Abdul Khalid
Industry, Investment and Corridor Development Committee Chairman

YB. Encik Mohd. Nizar bin Zakaria
Islamic Education, Personality Development, Entrepreneur and Cooperative
Development Committee Chairman
State Government Self Evaluation:
State government have yet to respond to requests for evaluation for this pledge
State Opposition Evaluation:
20 %
5 / 10 contributed to 40 % of total scores

PAS : (5/10) There is an effort to attract foreign investors, but still weak. (Ada usaha menarik pelabur luar, masih lemah.)

PKR : (5/10) No comment. (Tiada komen.)

DAP : (3/10) Have an effort but not many are interested to Perak compared to Selangor and Penang. (Ada usaha tetapi tidak ramai yang berminat ke Perak berbanding dengan Selangor dan Pulau Pinang.)




Perak Consumers Association (PCA):
3 / 10 contributed to 20 % of total scores

Poor quality workers in Perak.

Koperasi Usahawan Wanita Bumiputra Malaysia Cawangan Negeri Perak:
2 / 10 contributed to 20 % of total scores

No progress

1 / 10 contributed to 20 % of total scores
Stakeholders - Responded but not required for score: N/A
KUASA comments: N/A