High-tech industrial business hub

Pledge Completeness Score: 8 %
Pledge Category: Economy
Full Pledge: Developing the hubs of high-tech industry business in the triangular growth area in the middle of Perak between the North-South-West Coast Highway Ipoh-Lumut Highway.
EXCO: YB. Encik Mohd. Nizar bin Zakaria
Islamic Education, Personality Development, Entrepreneur and Cooperative
Development Committee Chairman
State Government Self Evaluation:
State government have yet to respond to requests for evaluation for this pledge
State Opposition Evaluation:
4 %
1 / 10 contributed to 40 % of total scores

PAS : (3/10) Has not been implemented. (Belum dilaksanakan.)


Koperasi Usahawan Wanita Bumiputra Malaysia Caw Neg Pk:
2 / 10 contributed to 20 % of total scores

No progress. (Tiada progress)

Perak Consumer Association:
/ 10 contributed to 20 % of total scores

Do not have the supporting industries.

0 / 10 contributed to 20 % of total scores
Stakeholders - Responded but not required for score: N/A
KUASA comments: N/A