Crime prevention programmes

Pledge Completeness Score: 46 %
Photo: Crime prevention programmes
Pledge Category: Security
Full Pledge: Increasing crime prevention programmes
EXCO: YB Datuk Seri Dr. Zambry Abd. Kadir
Menteri Besar Perak
Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Agama, Kewangan, Keselamatan, Tanah, Sumber Asli, Perancangan Ekonomi, Pengangkutan Awam dan Hal Ehwal Bukan Islam
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State Opposition Evaluation:
8 %
2 / 10 contributed to 40 % of total scores

Amanah:1/10 (Amat dukacita)

Answered by ADUN Changkat Jering,YB Datuk Seri Ir. Haji Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin


Answered by Setiausaha PKR Perak, En Yunus Jamhari

DAP:4/10 (Ini bidang Kerajaan Persekutuan)

Answered by ADUN Setiawan/Pengerusi Negeri, YB Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham

Chairman Rukun Tetangga Taman Merdeka:
5 / 10 contributed to 20 % of total scores

RT have organised the crime prevention workshops. We have to invite them, and pay for food. And have to give the public food too. That’s where our Rm6,000 annually goes to.

9 / 10 contributed to 20 % of total scores
5 / 10 contributed to 20 % of total scores

They do invite for Badan Pencegah Jenayah, dialogue with the Police.  Called all associations to attend

Stakeholders - Responded but not required for score: Persatuan kebajikan Warga Tua Sri Bahagia-They come to educate the public on crime. I saw a flyer.
LLG Pusat Pembangunan Kebudayaan-No programme we have been invited to
GASRA-There are talks by NGO
Ipoh City Watch (ICW)-They have organised meet the people, self-defence for women, crime watch programme
Ipoh Rate payers Association] Never heard of crime prevention programmes lately. Reach out to people before having them.
KUASA comments:

Perak to spend RM1 million for crime prevention efforts in 2016.