“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead


KUASA is a non-governmental organisation which will focus on organisational development for politicians, activists and their groups through engagement processes utilising social media and strategic messaging.


The Challenge & Window

Elections 2013 underlined a fact most politicians inadvertently ignore, Malaysians want to be involved in their democracy and are unwilling to become passengers in how their country is run.

They may have rejected one coalition and gravitated to another, but neither coalition has the unquestioned support of the people.

They want to give more than just their vote and support. They want to be involved. Historical suppression of this desire to engage is the main obstacle to change. Removal of this obstacle is a key to success..

Social media has changed Malaysian life. Parties, politicians and NGOs can harness the power of new media to empower massive grassroots movements and develop unprecedented communication strategies.

KUASA intends to change the game by increasing concerted and consistent communication based on dynamic interaction with the grassroots.


Our Objective

To empower groups, parties, individuals or politicians who want to become agents for change.through focussed messaging, public relations and effective use of social media.

KUASA believes most groups, parties, individuals or politicians are only scratching the surface of support they already have and should be working deliberately to active.

Social media will be KUASA’s key tool to catalyse activation of support. Most Malaysians are using social media, but very few are adapting it to achieve specific goals.

By helping these groups, we broaden the base of those actively involved in affecting change, therefore the future will be more inclusive and diverse.


What KUASA stands for?

A truly engaged democracy, where participation in politics and policymaking is easy, encouraged and meaningful.

KUASA is not an abbreviation. It’s just KUASA.